We were able to include basic design plans for a client who owns about 75,000 square meters of land at the Fusaki Resort on Ishigaki Island.

65 lots of villas as the first phase plan of villas for sale with a medical management building attached.
Medical facilities in the administration building and incorporated a facility for dialysis treatment within the medical facility.
When people who need dialysis go on vacation, they need to go to the local general hospital to receive dialysis, but we came up with a plan to build a system that allows them to receive dialysis in the intervals of enjoying the resort in a casual manner.
There are also large hotels lined up along the coast, and we are thinking of collaborating with neighboring resorts so that their guests can also use the system.

Ishigaki Island is an attractive island in the natural world.
Blue sea, white sky, and starry sky.
The area called Kuura in the northern part of Hirakubo peninsula of Ishigaki Island is so beautiful at night that it was the first place in Japan to be recognized as a “Dark Sky Park” (starry sky reserve).
If you visit Ishigaki Island, enjoy the crystal clear emerald green sea during the daytime and
At night, look at the starry sky and be soothed…

It would be nice to be able to promote a comprehensive resort plan, sustainably, in harmony with nature.