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HaRMODECOR Ltd. Tokyo Labo


4-35-6, 3rd floor, Fukasawa, Setagaya, Tokyo Japan 158-0081


+81363034568 (office)


Office hours:

Open from 9am to 7pm


Kae Yoshida


Shigeru Yoshida, Toshiyasu Ehira

Our Work:

  • Design / Interior Design / Art Sales
  • Resort Development
  • Project Management
  • Building Construction Consultant


Registered by the Governor of Tokyo No.62052


Profile of the Managing Director

From 2006 to 2009, lived in Paris, France and dealt in antiques, art, and interior design.

From 2010 to 2011, lived in Granada, Andalusia and Basque Country, Spain

Returned to Japan and started a business the following year.

TCF level B1 Décembre 2019

Profile of the Architect

・Worked out with Michael Graves.(Hyatt Regency ’93), Luca Scacchetti for Condominium.

・Exhibited cypress bathtub in the SALONE Milano.

Former Fukuoka Hyatt Regency Design
-Worked with Michael Graves.

High-rise apartments in Fukuoka
-Both by Michael Graves.

Gifu Hotel and Spa Facility Design
-Exterior wall stone material/Masa from Italy.
-Exterior wall large format tiles / from Germany.

Redevelopment project on the south side of Gifu-HASHIMA Station, Shinkansen Line.

From2005, in charge of planning and design of condominiums with a number of developers.

From 2011, Residential Land Development for Sale,
Condominium Development Project,
Villa ATAMI and East IZU Development.

Resort development Ishigaki island, Okinawa.

Currently designing “Niseko Villa“.