About our design team…

Our architects listen to the client’s ideas and ideals, and begin by zoning on a blank piece of paper.

We plan from the perspective of the volume of the space and the land, and from there we create a flat surface, a two-dimensional elevation, a three-dimensional space, and so on… We are in a position to share the image with the client as we create the space.

When we are out of tune with the client’s idea, we think it is most important for us to return to the original point of view to correct it, and to repeat the process of trial and error to create it. It is also important for us to review the cost and quality of the project, and to understand and confirm the budget for the entire project.

From the start of construction, we provide guidance and supervision to ensure that the project is proceeding according to the plan and that the materialized project is finished. From the start to the completion of the project, our design team’s role is to understand the client’s budget and protect their profits.

We believe that the starting point of manufacturing is to pay close attention to the details.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your lifestyle and to find a place to live.

About the Ideal Home

What we offer is an important place for families to spend their days.
Each person’s lifestyle is different.
The “ideal” is also different.

The most important thing to make your home a better space and a better building is to work together with the client to create it.
We believe that the most important thing is to work together with the client to create a better space and a better building, through repeated trial and error.
We think.

‘I want to create a home that fits my perfect location, environment, lifestyle and budget.’
I want to have a satisfactory residence that I will never regret later.

If you think like this, we are happy to discuss your needs in detail and
We recommend that you hire a design firm directly.