About our design team…

The work of an architect begins with listening to the client’s thoughts and ideals, and then creating zoning on a blank piece of paper.
Zoning is the process of dividing a space into themes and uses.
Whether it is for urban planning, resort development, or residential use, zoning is a fundamental and important part of spatial design.
Planning is done from the perspective of the volume of the space and the land, and from there we move on to two-dimensional (plan, elevation) and three-dimensional (solid) design, sharing the image with the client.
We believe that the most important thing is to go back to the drawing board to correct any gaps in our vision, and to create through repeated trial and error.

Another important role of our design team is to work together to determine the cost and quality of the project, and to understand and confirm the budget for the entire project.
Once construction has begun, we provide guidance and supervision to ensure that the project is proceeding according to plan and that the embodiment of the project is finished to perfection.
In this way, we keep track of our clients’ budgets and protect their profits from start to completion.

We believe that the starting point of manufacturing is to keep an eye on things until completion.
We will continue to meet the expectations of our clients.


In 2020, a global pandemic caused a number of unusual events.
Elementary and junior high schools, high schools, and special needs schools across the country were all closed at once, and the Olympics were postponed for an unprecedented time.
With the declaration of a state of emergency, stores and commercial facilities were closed and the streets were quiet.
On the other hand, medical and nursing facilities seem to have passed the time in a state of tension.

I feel as if we have been given a challenge by this pandemic.
We have no choice but to do what we can every day, one by one, but from 2021, we will also focus on social issues.
From 2021, we will turn our attention to social issues, and as a company, we will consider what we can do to meet the goals set out in the SDGs, and we will devote ourselves to devising more sustainable environments and architecture.