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Harmony with nature,
Esprit libre,
Sustainable design!

What kind of place most allows humans to live as human beings... A space where people can enjoy the convenience of the city while simultaneously living healthy lives. Light, air, plants and water in the natural world. Creating a space in the city where you can feel such things in a physical way Space design that responds to our desire to get back-to-nature while remaining convenient This is our basic philosophy, which we hope to pass on to the future.

Our project


Construction and development of villas and resorts in Niseko, one of the world's leading ski resorts

Niseko, Hokkaido, is known for being one of the best resorts in the world. We are currently involved in villa construction and resort development in Niseko.

Resort development means building a community from scratch

Like painting on a pure white campus, resort development is a project to be engaged in from the beginning.

This is where the creativity of architecture is born.

The possibilities and diversity of design, born out of planning from scratch

By determining a design code, we can protect both allow privacy between buildings and improve the natural airflow, creating a sense of unity in the building.

Building the community from the beginning, taking into account the land form and natural environment.

This is a comprehensive spatial design that incorporates these elements into the design.





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