2021 To the Age of Wind

On December 22, 2020, there will be a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn!
It is said that Jupiter and Saturn symbolize social movements.

Jupiter and Saturn are also said to symbolize social movements, from the “Age of Earth” that has lasted for 240 years to the “Age of Wind.
(The 200 years of the earth element constellation will come to an end, and the new 200 years of the wind element will come.)
The “individuality” of each person will be important.
This will be an era in which self-expression and making use of one’s own strengths will be emphasized.

Individuals will be able to connect freely with each other, transcending national, regional, racial, religious, and organizational boundaries.
The values of money and occupation will also change dramatically…
In terms of housing, some people will have multiple locations, while others will be able to live in the suburbs, on the beach or in the mountains.
(The fields of educational facilities and medical care may also change accordingly.)

The Age of Wind is a time when we don’t have to work hard…
I think the secret is to live lightly and respond flexibly to change!

Numerology & Color

In early December, I visited the newly opened Marunouchi Terrace, The UPPER!
I had been looking forward to the food, the space, and the interior design for a few days, as it was supervised by the chef of Rasheem in Osaka…
The interior was decorated in earthy colors of green and brown with gold cutlery!
The interior had a party or event feel to it. The interior design was perfect.
A restaurant with high ceilings and a sense of openness, just like a restaurant in the “Age of Wind”!

On this day, we had a study session with members of the numerology and color groups.
Gold is a color that is in my expressive mission number, and it motivates me to incorporate it.

Numerology is the study and theory of numbers.
By deciphering the meaning of the numbers calculated from your birth date and name at birth, you can learn about your qualities, talents, areas of specialty, life work, life themes, and the flow of luck that changes from year to year.
By knowing these things, we can plan and proceed with our life choices in a more suitable way.

Color is also a type of electromagnetic wave that has images and meanings.
Colors also have psychological effects, balancing the body and mind and having a positive effect.
Family, work, and friendships can be smoothed over by “knowing” the relationship through numerology.

 Life path (innate qualities and abilities)
 Persona number (impression from the outside, how others see you)
 Heart Number (What your soul is seeking in the depths of your heart)
 Number of expressive missions (how you contribute your qualities and abilities to society)

We will look at these four numbers.

I have learned a lot from numerology, and this past year I have been able to move forward without hesitation by knowing my own luck and mission number.

In terms of numerology, the overall social fortune for 2021 will be “5” turquoise.
The key words are change, challenge, adventure, and speed.
There is a possibility that next year will see even more “change” in the world.

In the age of the individual… valuing connections is a key word, connections between people…
We will be able to connect and create relationships with people we like without being bound by conventional relationships.
Everyone’s happiness is different, and everyone’s level of happiness is different, but in numerology, you can find out what you really want from the number of hearts.
In the “Age of Wind,” there are still some ambiguities, but we can think of good things, create them, and give them shape…
I hope that I can continue to be flexible in the coming year.

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