Minestrone and indigenous varieties

Corona disaster changes the elementary school entrance exam

The other day, I had dinner with my friend who had successfully completed her elementary school entrance examinations…
I had a brief dinner with her.
I think it must have been very difficult in covid-19.
School tours, information sessions, and for some schools, even interviews were online.
I’m sure it must have been very difficult for the schools as well….

I heard that this year, many schools did not conduct behavioral observation, which is a requirement for many entrance exams, but rather paper tests, gymnastics, paintings, and other creative works.
Most of the schools require paintings and other creative works, and I feel that they ask for cleverness, creativity, and imagination.
The school where my friend took the test seemed to require the ability to explain “why you made it” rather than a test to “complete the work as instructed in time” or “draw a picture according to the task (theme).”

For the behavioral observation, the students were divided into groups of about six, and within the groups they were given free play or a theme, and they were asked if they could get along with each other, if they could take leadership, or if they could help each other.

I don’t think it’s natural that behavioral observation should disappear in the midst of covid-19, but…
I do feel that behavioral observation is something that we need to nurture in our actual lives.
I think that the presentation and communication skills were tested even more through painting and making.
The ability to think and imagine, to freely enjoy the world of imagination…

The children of 2021 will undoubtedly be the ones who will create the future, what kind of career path they will take and what kind of job they will have. Is that what education needs to be about?

What we can do because we are designers

We, designers and creators, can only do what humans can do.
It is said that even if AI becomes superior, this profession will never disappear.
Robots can’t do what we do, which is to use our sensitivity and imagination and create.
The same goes for communication, which we humans need, and I feel that doctors and caregivers are also absolutely necessary for this job.

The same goes for restaurants…
The warm minestrone and hot vegetables were very tasty, but I thought it would be very tasteless if robots brought the food and selected the wine for me.

By the way, it is said that there are over 500 indigenous varieties of Italian wine.
There are so many inexpensive and delicious wines!
(Looking forward to the day when I can travel freely soon…)

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