Thoughts on Housing

Mr. Hashizume of Atelier Cube Architects

I went to Kansai from October 15th to 18th!

I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Hashizume of Atelier Cube Architects. Mr. Hashizume is also committed to architectural design and the revitalization of old houses, and is the president of the NPO “Hyogo Vacant House Consultation Center”.

He is currently working on a project to develop a tourist town using vacant houses in Awaji Island Minami Awaji.
Vacant houses are not only a local problem now, but are expected to become an even bigger social problem in the future. It is necessary to make the best use of vacant houses not only for housing but also for various purposes.

In housing, the first thing to do is to “live”

By keeping in mind that “buildings need to breathe”, a wooden house can live for many years.
Even holiday homes can be utilized by renting them out while they are not in use, or by running them as homestays, so that they can live for many years.

I am looking forward to seeing how this 100-year-old Meiji-era row house will be reborn.
Working together with the government and the local people to create a single project is how the architecture should be.

Homes can be lived in for a long time by taking constant care of them.
This will lead to maintaining the landscape and caring for the environment.

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, I think “thinking about housing” will also be revisited.
It’s a good opportunity to think again.

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    Thoughts on Housing