The Art of Solid Wood

We have been fortunate to have a relationship with a Buddhist altar gallery, and we are now able to offer some of their products.

An enthralling realm of art

The beauty of Japanese craftsmanship…
The main difference between a Buddhist altar and a piece of furniture is that a Buddhist altar is a place to hold hands and talk with your ancestors.
I think it is important to have “beauty” for ourselves.

This time, I was able to see something special in the gallery.
The Grand cru series, specially created by Italian craftsmen, is made of rare solid walnut wood, with careful attention to detail.
The design is flawlessly executed and the form is smooth.
Ceccotti, the Italian master, has created a uniquely beautiful Buddhist altar…

I was fascinated by the uncompromising workmanship, which took two years to find the best wood and a year to produce.
Italians and Frenchmen alike take pride in their profession.
The process of drawing up the plans, making numerous revisions and suggestions, and then starting the production process is similar to the work of a design office.

The appearance of the building is like a work of art in a museum. It was as if I had seen a corner of art.
The Grand cru series

Memorial Service” and “Dialogue

The word “memorial service” is originally a translation of the Sanskrit word “pūjanā,” which means to offer incense, flowers, light, food, etc. to the Buddha with all one’s heart.
In Japan, the term “offering” has come to mean praying for the repose of the souls of the deceased and ancestors who have departed.
In Buddhism, there is a teaching that if you do good deeds, the benefits will not come back to you alone, but will extend to the people around you, including the Buddha and the deceased.
Holding hands, offering flowers, lighting lanterns, incense…
It is said that what we do for the deceased will eventually come back to those around us and to us.

Memorial services are also meaningful to those who are left behind, and it is an opportunity to overcome grief, reaffirm the connection between our hearts, and live with emotional support through heart-to-heart dialogue and remembrance.
The opportunity for memorial services is an extraordinary time, and praying silently can be a calming experience and a good opportunity to reflect on oneself.

The word “memorial service” is widely used not only for humans but also for animals.
As mentioned above, it is an extraordinary time to reconfirm the connection between our hearts…
I think the act of “making a memorial offering” fits well with our Japanese spirituality.

Integrating with interior design

When choosing a Buddhist altar, it is best to select the size, color, and design of your choice in accordance with your religious sect.
As a design office, we can also make the best suggestions based on your interior design and where you would like to place it.
Nowadays, compact and furniture style Buddhist altars are popular to match the size of your room.

Times have changed, and so have the attitudes toward Buddhist altars.
The most important thing is the feeling of joining hands.
I hope that this culture will be handed down for a long time to come…

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