Niseko Villa Site Supervision

Finally, it’s time for the cold weather in Niseko. This year’s snow in Niseko is very light.
There seems to be a lot of snow…
The temperature is minus 6 degrees Celsius.

The concrete for the basement slab of the K’s villa has been poured.

The roof and scaffolding are temporarily covered with transparent sheets to protect the exterior from snow and wind.

Ten insulated heaters are installed inside to keep the interior temperature below 4 degrees Celsius during the curing period after the concrete is poured.
Kerosene is replaced every 10 to 12 hours to ensure that the temperature never drops.
If yo don’t do this much work, winter construction in the extremely cold Niseko area is tough.

From here, the wall reinforcement and formwork for the basement will be installed.
The concrete for the walls is scheduled to be poured first thing in the year 2021.