Live of Chen Min

2020 is now only 5 days away.
For Christmas, I enjoyed a live erhu delivery with the scent of candles.
This is a live broadcast of Chen Ming’s performance at JZ Brat Sound of Tokyo in Cerulean Tower Hotel on December 13.
There was also a live broadcast on the day of the event, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it in time…

Chen Min is an Erhu player born in Suzhou, China and raised in Shanghai.
She came into the limelight in 2001 with her album “I wish I could”, which sparked the erhu boom… She has been active in Japan for almost 20 years.
With Atsushige Muraishi on guitar and Masami Horisawa on cello, the fantastic world of string instruments, both audio and visual, is like experiencing a live concert…
The multi-angle live streaming, which I’ve been interested in lately, accurately projected the fingertips and hands, and I enjoyed it from start to finish!

Even though I couldn’t attend the event in Corona, the world of images was definitely sophisticated and I enjoyed it as if it were a live concert! Thanks to my friend for inviting me!
In the world of ballet and music, I believe that live performances are the best.
But with the pandemic this past year, the world is changing.
It is now possible to attend events and live performances that you can’t go to due to work, as well as events in distant places and foreign countries from the comfort of your home.

I think the number of people who need a media room to enjoy video and music may also increase in the future.
In 2021, there will be more demand for time and space to relax, whether alone or with family.


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